Third Global Site Goes Live On 3eep Sports Networking Platform

Third Global Site Goes Live On 3eep Sports Networking Platform

Resulting from the partnership agreement by InfoGear AG, a German tech and media services companythat the stage will be accessible to over 100 million German talking sports buffs in This agreement would be the third largest deal to be signed as 3eep established its Platform Services in July 2007.

Welcome to house 3eep established Sportsplay in venture with all iPRIME in September. IPRIME, the electronic media subsidiary of Prime Media Ltd, has accepted an equity investment in 3eep and provides SportsPlay services via iPRIME SportsPlay and the iPRIME local websites, to over 5 million Australians living in regional Australia.

3eep co founder and CEO Rob Antulov, says these prices are affirmation that the business has delivered the right product to industry at the ideal time. “The value of this 3eep platform is the capacity to engage grass roots sporting communities all over the world with exceptionally concentrated functionality.”

“Signing three spouses in different geographies therefore fast makes it clear that we have the right offering for organizations who would like to quickly engage local sporting communities, and allow those organizations to offer highly targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities to commercial partners”

3eep offers partners such as media organizations, advertisers and sporting codes the opportunity to reach tens of thousands of millions of sports enthusiasts all over the planet, at a relevant and targeted way.

“Facebook and MySpace have done an excellent job of educating the community around social media, but we expect that since social support systems continue to evolve, there will be greater demand for sites that cater to the particular interests of their user. We believe that these internet sites with embedded societal networking features, will secure a strong market position along with the pure societal network destination sites. The indications we have received from the market to date certainly encourage this,” explained Antulov.

3eep plans to expand its partner network throughout 2008.

Around 3eep토토사이트

3eep is actually a social media platform for sport enthusiasts, players, teams and parents. The 3eep platform enables local sporting teams and associations to share their athletic passions through photos, videos and stories and allows them to better acquaint with calendaring, team and event management tools. 3eep offers highly targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities to its global partners who are interested in attaining and engaging with local athletic communities.

Is a next generation sports-oriented network societal media for sport team players, fans, managers and coaches to find, research and share their own generated content, their particular stories, text, music, photos, video and events share their team information in private team zones and state their allegiances for their local, regional and global athletic teams in their personal member zones.

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